Sunday, 5 May 2013

Street Art, Rough Seas and Old Entrance

"Speaker Stack" :- An incredible bit of street art in Kensington Street, Brighton, England. I love the way they incorporated parts of the architecture with the artwork.

"Silver Streak" :- A tumultuous sea and sky on the south coast of England. It was windy, wild and wet. It was also very noisy, the sound of the waves crashing against the rocks was deafening.

"St Paul's Corridor" :- "Saint Paul's was opened on October 18th, 1848, and consecrated exactly a year later. It was built by Richard Cromwell Carpenter in the true spirit of the Oxford Movement and the Gothic Revival. While Saint Peter’s had gothic decoration, Saint Paul’s was built with newly researched gothic proportions, structures and symbolism. It was immediately acclaimed as a place of beauty. " (extract from St Paul's website) . This is the entrance to the church, situated in West Street, Brighton, England.

All Photography © Justin Hill