Friday, 3 May 2013

Sunny Woods, Misty Views and Culinary Delight

"Looking For A Way Out" :- Captured a year ago during the month of May and a mini heatwave that was doing its best to fry Britain. I'd wandered off over the downs with my camera and had ended up in a thick wooded area that was making the sunlight dapple everything. Very peaceful and very relaxing.

"Gull on a Hot Tin Roof " :- An atmospheric shot taken on Brighton Pier as a distant sea mist threatens the coast line. A lone Gull observes the scene from the roof of "Moo Moo's" which is a coffee 'n' shakes store. I got lucky with this shot as everything seemed to fall into place for me.

"Beautifully Presented" :- One of the biggest things that struck me about the Kingdom of Thailand was love, care and attention they put into the creation and presentation of their wonderful food. It didn't matter if it was a simple bowl of fruit or if it was a huge meal, everything was in its rightful place, carved and displayed to perfection. This incredible display was not for a hotel or wasn't even for any tourists or VIP visitors. This was in the mountain region of Omkoi and they had several days of celebrations with all the villagers and villages taking part. A prize was on offer for the best food and this was the entry for the village that I was living in. The creator of this marvellous culinary delight was a woman called "Lek", you can just see her sitting on the floor in the background wearing glasses and a red apron. "Lek" was our neighbour and she often helped us out with various things and on the odd occasion would give me a lift in her truck.

All Photography © Justin Hill