Monday, 20 May 2013

The Cuilfail Tunnel, Victorian Angles and Weeping Willows

"The Cuilfail Tunnel" :- The Cuilfail Tunnel was opened in 1980 and is a 430 metres long tunnel on the A26 at Lewes, Sussex, England. Before the construction of the tunnel all traffic had to pass through the ancient and historical town of Lewes which caused heavy congestion, traffic jams and tailbacks. The tunnel cuts through a large chalk hill in the Cliffe area of the town and makes journey times far quicker.

"Victorian Angles" :- Part of the underside of the old Victorian built terrace that runs along Madeira Drive on Brighton seafront, England. Amazing to think that it was built in 1890 and is still a solid and strong construction. It must have looked beautiful in its day just after its completion. Its still a thing of beauty now and has become an iconic part of Brighton's front and appeared in many films over the decades.

"Weeping Willows" :- I was lucky to get this shot as I could have quite easily walked past without even noticing it. I had driven out to the village of Southease in Sussex (England) to take a look at the old church (966 AD) and grab a few images. Afterwards I decided to take a walk down to the river and on the way back I noticed a pond tucked away behind a hedge and fence. On closer inspection the fence had a style set in it so I knew that public access was available. After negotiating the fence this was the scene that was waiting for me. An idyllic haven of peace and tranquility bathed in sunlight with nobody around.

All photography © Justin Hill