Friday, 10 May 2013

Village Life, Strange Construction and Holy Spirits

"Mountains of Omkoi" :- This was my village and home when I was in the Kingdom of Thailand. High up in the mountains we were several hours drive away from the city of Chiang Mai. It was an idyllic and rural working Thai village full of paddy fields, chili fields and tomato fields. Livestock out grazing in the afternoon sun. Bugs and insects filling the air and reptiles slithering or dashing about. I loved it all and embraced the villagers too. I miss it all so very much.

"Alien Fortress " :- In all the years that I have lived in brighton and walked along its beaches I have never noticed this breakwater before! It's located between Banjo Groyne and Brighton Marina and it looks radically different from all the other groynes and breakwaters along the coastline. I have tried to find out information relating to its construction and age but have drawn a complete blank. I have no idea why it looks so different from the others but it makes for a great image!

"The Font" :- This is the interior and bar of The Font (formerly known as The Font & Firkin). The building itself has an interesting history as it was once a 17th century Nonconformist and Union Chapel. On it's outside wall there is still a memorial tablet dedicated to the memory of a preacher named Henry Varley. On this particular day I happened to walk past and noticed the bar was empty of customers and went in to ask if I could take a few shots of the interior. The bar staff very l kindly said I could and also said they'd hide around the corner (in the kitchen) so they would not get in my way or photobomb me. The pub and bar is located in Union Street in Brighton's famous South Lanes.

All Photography © Justin Hill