Saturday, 18 May 2013

Wait Forever, On The Rocks and Electric Arcade

"Wait Forever" :- This was captured a week or so ago high up on Telscombe Tie near the village of Telscombe itself in Sussex, England. I had walked half an hour or so to the village from the coast so the light was beginning to fail as I got nearer. This view and scene was too good to walk past without taking a shot.

"On The Rocks" :- I took this shot while waiting to see what the sun was going to do as it approached sunset. It was chilly and blustery and I had shrunk down to half my size behind a few rocks to try to shelter myself from the elements. Three attempts later I had managed to roll a cigarette and then took another eight or nine attempts to light it. It was at that point I decided to grab this image and make my way home. The sun, as it turned out decided to do nothing as it simply dropped down below the horizon without putting on a show of any kind!

"Electric Arcade" :- This is the "Imperial Arcade" (built 1923–24) in Brighton, England. All its Art Deco grandeur and design seems to have been lost over the years as t gave way to modern looking signage and boring shop fronts.

All Photography © Justin Hll