Monday, 10 June 2013

Across the Pond, The Royal Arcade and Strut Your Stuff

"Across the Pond" :- Wow, how time flies! This image of the village pond in Rottingdean on the south coast of England has been patiently waiting on file since April 2012. I had no idea I'd taken it that long ago. Anyway, the shot was captured just as the sun was setting late afternoon / early evening and the scene was a picture of peace and tranquility. The water was still and hanging onto all the colors that mother nature could throw at it.

"The Royal Arcade" :- I have been trying to find out some information regarding the age of the Royal Arcade in the town of Worthing to the West of Brighton, England. Unfortunately I have drawn a blank each and every time but will hazard a guess at it being built between the mid 1700's and the mid 1800's due to its architectural styling, look and feel. I hasten to add that I may well be completely wrong and it could in fact be a clever bit of modern design from the early 1900's mirroring that of the past! It is a very beautiful looking arcade.

"Strut Your Stuff" :- This is not a shot of the underside of Brighton Pier as you suspect from me but rather a shot of the struts and supports that keep the pier at Worthing in an upright position on the south coast of England. The pier is very Art Deco in its design when you are treading its boards as much of it was rebuilt in the 1930's. This images was captured from the lower iron fishing platform at the very end of the pier during a very low tide. I'd turned around to face the coast and managed to crouch down enough to get a shot of the mass of metal that was keeping me from getting wet!

All Photography © Justin Hill