Thursday, 6 June 2013

Art Deco Staircase, Beach Warning and Hotel Du Vin

"Art Deco Staircase" :- This is a set of stairs within the Museum, Dome and Corn Exchange complex in the city of Brighton. The entire complex was completed in 1805 with what is now the Concert Hall being the Prince Regent's stables and the Corn Exchange being the riding school. The three buildings are rare in that the complex is one of the only buildings to have both internal and external listings both for the Indian style exterior and the 1930s art deco interior. This image shows one of the beautiful "Art Deco" 1930's staircases that sits between the Dome and Corn Exchange with all the original 1930's ceramic wall tiles still in place. However, I will never understand how planning permission is given to designs that jar within their surroundings with no effort being made with their design to fit or blend in. The ultra modern monstrosity that you see above the Art Deco staircase is a walkway that was constructed & installed a few years ago. If it had been up to me permission for its construction would have been denied as the design does not fit in with the architecture or feel of the building whatsoever!

"Beach Warning" :- Captured on Brighton beach near Black Rock and the marina on the south coast of England. The sign sign is a warning for beachgoers and lists two "Do not's" and one "Beware" which are as follows :- No access onto outfall structure, no diving and structure submerges at high tide. Obviously the water is not deep enough to dive into even at high tide and diving in from the beach with the huge concrete outfall under the water would be lethal to any swimmer, experienced or not!

"Hotel Du Vin" :- The Hotel Du Vin is located in Ship Street in the coastal city of Brighton on the south coast of England. The building is on the site of an old inn and is a collection of gothic revival and mock Tudor buildings erected by a wine merchant. A close inspection of the building to the right of the image reveals a date carved into the stonework which states "Established 1695".

All Photography © Justin Hill