Friday, 21 June 2013

Busy Day, Newhaven Town and Scales

"Busy Day at the Office" :- An afternoon on Brighton Pier is normally full of laughs, sounds, gulls, tourists, ice cream, rides and side stalls. Yesterday (20th June 2013) however it was damp, grey and relatively quiet due to a huge and heavy fog coming in over the sea and hitting the coast. I ventured out into the surreal foggy world with my camera and managed to capture a few very atmospheric shots as well as this one showing just how quiet the pier was.

"Newhaven Town" :- I don't know a great deal about Newhaven Town Railway Station (Sussex,England) at all. However I do know that the Railway Act authorised that a line be provided between the towns of Lewes and Newhaven in 1837. There's a signal box located nearby which also helps us put a date to everything as that was opened in 1879. The station in Newhaven has an old feel to it as it still looks very much like a station from the 30's and 40's and the age of steam locomotives. I snuck around the back to get this shot as I wanted the incoming storm clouds to form the backdrop.

"Scales" :- Tropical fruits sit by a set of old scales on a makeshift stall in a village within a region known as Omkoi (Chiang Mai Province) in Northern Thailand. I was always fascinated looking at the various fruit that grew in the Kingdom, everything seemed so different and alien compared to what I was used to in the UK. Just looking at this image evokes the smells and sounds of the village and above all makes me think of the heat from the afternoon sun on my skin. I miss the village very much ... and everybody in it.

All Photography © Justin Hill