Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Can't See The Wood For The Trees, Black Rock Station and SM701

"Can't See The Wood For The Trees" :- One of the things I love the most about Stanmer Park (just East of Brighton, UK) is its abundance of mighty trees. Many are very old and reach out in all directions as if to claim their own personal space and make it known which bit of the park is theirs. The park itself goes back many centuries and the village within it (situated at the back) is even older as a record states that the church, adjacent to the village pond, was built in 1838 on the site of a 14th Century building. According to Wikipedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stanmer_Park) "The etymological root of the name (Stanmer) is "Stony Mere", referring to the stones around the village pond."

"Black Rock Station" :- The railway terminus station at Black Rock (near Brighton Marina) was built in the 1990's. It was a controversial construction because the surrounding area of Lewes Crescent and the Victorian Terraces were built in the 1800's with symmetry firmly in mind and the 'New' station is slightly off-centre. It's already looking rundown and neglected even though it's still in use with many visitors and tourists waiting there to catch the Volk's Electric Train down to the Pier. A lick of paint wouldn't go amiss and a little greenery (few plants in pots and hanging baskets etc) would also make it look far better than it does now.

"SM701" :- A fishing boat waits patiently to be loaded up with it's colorful plastic bins, ropes, nets and lines. A scene of tranquility within the safety of Brighton Marina's giant sea walls on the south coast of England. The gentle (but loud) clanking of cables against metal masts drifted around on the breeze with the odd interruption by a passing gull calling out. This end of the Marina is more peaceful and calm as the restaurants, bars, cinema and casino are at the other (Western) end where all the tourists and day trippers gather in their masses.

All Photography © Justin Hill