Sunday, 9 June 2013

Fresh Veg, St Mary and Silence is Golden

"Fresh Veg" :- I loved this market. It was roughly a five minute walk from the apartment in Chiang Mai and was located in Phra Pok Klao 2 (a small soi / backstreet) at the back of Pratoo Chiang Mai Market within the old part of the ancient city. I'd pretty much pay it a visit on a daily basis grabbing odd supplies here and there whilst taking in the sights, sounds and smells of the busy Thai marketplace.

"St Mary" :- Looking more like some long forgotten church in Spain rather than a church in the heart of Sussex, St.Mary's can be found in the village of Glynde, England. The 18th Century Church was built in 1763 and is a rarity in that it's walls are knapped (squared) flints instead of the rough flint rubble walls that are usually found within Sussex. high above the main (West) door you can just make out a portland stone coat of arms. Inside the church its walls are covered in printed hessian which again adds to its uniqueness.

"Silence is Golden" :- A pinkish glow saturates the clouds, cliffs and beach at Ovingdean Gap as the curtain is brought down upon the sun. The air is still and unusually silent as the warmth fades allowing an evening chill to take command.

All Photography © Justin Hill