Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Green Corridor, Idyllic Coast and Brooke Bond Tea

"Green Corridor" :- There's a small park and wooded area by Surrenden Crescent and London Road in Brighton, England. I'd been on one of my 'walkabouts' with the camera and had somehow or other ended up right by it so decided to take a small path through the trees to investigate and see where i'd end up. This was the view looking from the top of the path in Surrenden Crescent. There was a threat of rain throughout the day which somehow made all the greenery seem more lush and vivid than normal.

"Idyllic Coast" :- Here's a view of the beach at Cuckmere Haven on the south coast of England. The cliffs rise up dramatically to form the "Seven Sisters" which run along to form the highest cliff face in Britain which is the famous "Beachy Head" near Eastbourne.

"Brooke Bond Tea" :- A quaint image of Chiddingly village (Sussex, England) that looks as though it could have been captured back in the 1930's or 40's but was actually taken several weeks ago. The old enamelled metal "Brooke Bond Tea" signs are still in place on the old store as is the signage above each window proudly stating "Draper" & "Grocer". At one point in time all stores and signs looked like this and it's rare to stumble across them nowadays which is why I had to grab this shot before they become a distant memory.

All Photography © Justin Hill