Sunday, 23 June 2013

Iron Cross, Shadow Curve and Seaford Huts

"Iron Cross" :- This is the church of St John in the village of Piddinghoe in Sussex, England. The nave and round tower are early 12th century, the north aisle is mid 12th century and the south arcade is late 12th century. The church is only one of three with a round tower (the others being at Southease and Lewes) in Sussex. Whilst wandering around the grounds of the church I came across this metal cross / grave marker sticking up out of the ground. I have tried to find out more about it by surfing the net but so have have come up with nothing.

"Shadow Curve" :- Shot from the end of Worthing Pier during a late afternoon low tide on the south coast of England. The sun was still relatively high in the sky but already making its way over to the west in preparation for the sunset. The shadows that were being cast by the pier fascinated me and scene down below on the beach looked like an entirely different world to me.

"Seaford Huts" :- On the eastern end of the seafront at Seaford (Sussex, England) you'll find a lot of these colored little beach huts. I'd driven out there to photograph the beach and cliffs but turned my attention (and camera) on the huts as they looked so bright and sunny sitting there in the warmth of the afternoon.

All Photography © Justin Hill