Friday, 28 June 2013

Kensington Colours, Sitting on the Edge of the World and Inside Out

"Kensington Colours" :- During the day (especially on hot and sunny days) this part of Brighton (Sussex, England) is jam packed with visitors, locals, tourists and day trippers. This is Kensington Gardens and it's just one of the streets that forms the North Laine's which offers a far more bohemian shopping experience. According to the North Laine website (North Laine) "North Laine is an area that grew up in the 1830s when Brighton first became famous because the Prince Regent turned a modest farmhouse into a glittering exotic royal palace. In the mile between the Pavilion and Brighton station you will find 300 shops, 37 cafes, 22 pubs, 4 theatres and a world-class museum. North Laine is also home to the cultural centre of Brighton with the new library and piazza in the jubilee complex." This shot was captured at 20:47 pm just as twilight was starting to get a hold on the day so the area only had the odd person wandering through.

"Sitting on the Edge of the World" :- Low tide on the beach at Telscombe Cliffs (South coast of England) provided me with this wonderful surreal view as I looked towards the East. It made me wonder just how things had looked before they'd fallen into the sea and had eroded away. How far had England naturally extended south? Here you can clearly see how the land simply stops and the flat vista of beach and English Channel takes over. I'd crouched down with my back against a large concrete breakwater so I could make use of the shadow it was casting as I liked the dark foreground giving way to the light beach and white cliff face.

"Inside Out" :- I had been wandering around the city center and grabbing shots here and there when someone watering plants outside a Florists asked me what I was taking pictures of. I stopped and chatted to him a while and discovered he and his wife were the owners of the flower store. They had originally sold flowers within Liberty of London (a department store on Regent Street, based in the West End shopping district of Central London) but had decided to move down to Brighton and set up business here. Anyway, to cut a long story short they asked me if I'd like to take some images inside which I gladly accepted and this is one of them. The store is called Quince and it's located on Nile Street, Brighton.

All Photography © Justin Hill