Sunday, 30 June 2013

Madeira Elevator Terrace Door, Hove Cemetery Chapel and Permeating Color

"Madeira Elevator Terrace Door" :- This doorway with filigree wrought iron supports is situated on the terrace that runs the length of Madeira Drive on Brighton seafront, England. The door is the terrace entrance and exit at the halfway point of the Madeira Lift which runs up and down the east cliff between the main coast road of Marine Parade and the lower beach road of Madeira Drive. The life exists at the bottom within an old Victorian building which was constructed as a shelter to protect visitors from "inclement weather", the building is now the Concorde II, one of the south's leading live music venues. The lift, terrace and shelter were all constructed at the same time and were inaugurated on 24 May 1890.

"Hove Cemetery Chapel" :- In dark and brooding weather this chapel looks very foreboding as it takes on a darkened bat like shape which evokes thought of vampires and other creatures of the night. This is the chapel within Hove Cemetery (UK) which is on the Old Shoreham Road (A270). It was a bright and cheerful morning when I paid a visit so the shadows and lines were crisp and sharp. On the way out I encountered a fox wandering around the gravestones. It stopped in its tracks and looked at me and I stopped and looked at it. we both stood in silence for a minute staring at each other before it turned and ran off into the trees at the back.

"Permeating Color" :- I very nearly got wet feet capturing this shot at Ovingdean Gap on the south coast of England. I knew that if I positioned the tripod and camera in the right place I'd be able to get the reflected sunset in the wet sand as the tide retreated. So I stood and watched the tide as I made a mental note of how far it was coming up the beach each time, made some calculations and picked my spot. Set everything up as the tide rolled up to my feet and stopped an inch or so away before rolling back again, captured the moment and checked to see what I'd got. t was at that point that I grabbed the tripod and ran a few feet up the beach due to the tide trying to catch me out by sending one wave further up the beach than the rest which was something I had not calculated for. I'll bear that in mind next time.

All Photography © Justin Hill