Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Perchance to Dream, Boat and Pots and Flag Court Apartment Block

"Perchance to Dream" :- A year ago (15 May 2012) I posted and shared a slightly different image of this very tree ( "Tree of Life" ). It resides just to the side of a car park in the old village of Wilmington in Sussex, England. I love this tree and view and knew as I was driving towards Wilmington that I'd be capturing it once again. This time the lighting was very different, more leaves were on its branches and the fields in the background had a different color and feel to them too. I reflected this in my different approach to processing. Last time I went in much harder whereas on this occasion I have opted for a much softer approach.

"Boat and Pots" :- The town of Seaford and its beach is located between Newhaven and Eastbourne on the south coast of England. Much like Brighton the beach is a never ending mass of pebbles and stone without a glimpse of sand to be seen anywhere. At the far Eastern end of the beach the chalk rises up without any warning forming a huge cliff face that runs along the coastline only to drop away again as it hits the Cuckmere Estuary. I was on my way to scale the heights of the chalk cliffs when I came across this upturned boat with a stack of lobster pots by it.

"Flag Court Apartment Block" :- Anything but glamorous in its design this huge cube like structure sits just off the promenade on Hove seafront offering views over the English Channel for those fortunate enough to be on the seaward side and not on the side overlooking Kingsway, the main coast road through Brighton and Hove. The building is a puzzle to me though. All other buildings along the seafront in Brighton and Hove face the sea and are square on with each of their sides facing the major points on the compass (North, East, South and West). This slab like structure for some unknown reason is freestanding and has been built at a 45° angle to everything else. It doesn't line up with anything in the surrounding area at all. Therefore it is safe to assume that the architect in question and the entire workforce that constructed it must not have been sufferers of any OCD at all. For those that do have OCD this building is a nightmare and the urge to straighten things up must drive them mad! Just to prove my point here's an aerial view of the block (courtesy of Google Maps) that clearly shows the angle it has been built at :- Flag Court Apartment Block

All Photography © Justin Hill