Tuesday, 18 June 2013

River Grasses, Picture House and Faces

"River Grasses" :- This is a view from the the village of Piddinghoe looking across the River Ouse and the surrounding Sussex countryside in England. When I set out the day was grey, overcast and gloomy but much to my surprise the weather cleared up the minute I got there and the sun made an appearance. The River Ouse runs through the counties of East and west Sussex. From Lower Beeding it winds and meanders through the land eventually running through the town of Lewes, Glynde, Rodmell, Southease, Piddinghoe and then finally Newhaven where it then runs into the English Channel. "Ouse" is from a Celtic word for water.

"Duke of York's Picture House" :- This is a seriously historic cinema in the city of Brighton, England. The Wikipedia entry for it states that "It is the oldest continuously operating purpose built cinema in Britain that has retained both its original name and remains largely unaltered. In 2012 it was voted best Cinema in the UK." The cinema opened it's doors on 22 September 1910, it wasn't just one of Brighton's first picture palaces ... it was also one of the first cinemas in the world! During the 1980's it earned the nickname "The Flea Pit" as it was in a shabby and disheveled state. In 1994 Picturehouse Cinemas purchased it and invested in the building by returning it to its former glory. The building is a Grade II listed building.

"Anston House Faces" :- Along Preston Road in the city of Brighton you'll discover this derelict block which was once Anston House. The run down building and site has stood empty for a number of years and has been caught in the middle of rows, arguments and many news stories concerning it's demolition, designs for its replacement and various squatters who'd taken up residence. To be honest its not a building that I have really ever noticed before or stopped to look at but on this day it stopped me in my tracks as I saw the many faces that had been painted on the boards that covered the broken windows. I wedged the camera through the padlocked gate that prevented access and took the shot.

All Photography © Justin Hill