Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Screaming Tree, North Side of the Pavilion and Sea Horses

"Screaming Tree" :- Preston Park is a park near Preston Village in the city of Brighton and Hove , England. It was the enclosed pleasure grounds of the Preston Manor estate until t was sold to Brighton Corporation in 1883. It is the largest urban park in the city with 63 acres of lawns as well as tennis courts and bowling greens. I was wandering around the Northern end of the park (near the Manor) when I spotted this backlit tree. It looked to me as though it was crying out for something with it's branches twisted in torment.

"North Side of the Pavilion" :- As a photographer living in Brighton (England) it wouldn't be right unless I addressed the more touristic and historical sides of the city. It's a part of the seaside resort that I had often turned my back on and not really opened my eyes to. Growing up surrounded by these things it was easy to take them for granted and forget they were there as I walked around with my eyes closed to it all. Since taking photographs my camera has made me extremely aware of how how saturated with history and incredible Brighton actually is. The Royal Pavilion in Brighton is one of those pieces of architecture and history that I'd walked past without giving it a second glance (much like the other residents in the city) time and time again. Its humble beginnings were as a grand summer house and seaside retreat for George, Prince of Wales in 1787. It was later remodelled with an Indian styling by John Nash between 1815-1823 for George who was then the Prince Regent and later became George IV.

"Sea Horses" :- The coastline of the city of Brighton (England) as seen from the end of its famous Victorian pier. Of all the seaside fun fair rides on the pier the most traditional is the "Gallopers". A colorfully hand painted Carousel that boasts 45 individually named horses and also three cockerels. The Carousel itself dates from the late 1800's.

All Photography © Justin Hill