Friday, 7 June 2013

Stained Glass Bar, Graves and Gryphons and Seaford Cliffs

"Stained Glass Bar" :- An unusual daytime interior shot of the Concorde 2 bar and music venue situated on Brighton's Madeira Drive seafront road (England). The building itself dates from the late 1800's and was originally used as a shelter for the many visiting the beach during inclement weather. It's now one of the South's best places to see live music and gigs and has played host to many well known bands including The Foo Fighters, Toyah, Adam Ant, Marillion, PIL, Johnny Marr, Martha Reeves & The Vandellas etc. I managed to get this shot because the old drummer from my mid 80's band "Gamut" just happens to own and run the venue with his wife and graciously let me have free range to take a few shots in the afternoon providing I didn't get in the way of the Chas n' Dave gig that was being set up for that evening.

"Graves and Gryphons" :- It sometimes pays to wander about and investigate the area that you are out with your camera in. I had driven out to the village of Glynde (famous for the Glyndebourne opera house) for a look around and had stopped briefly to photograph the Church of St Mary's. Instead of grabbing the shots I wanted and heading back to the car I decided to take a stroll around the outside of the church and explore the grounds a little. This was the view that met me as I got around the back of the church. The house on the other side of the wall is Glynde Place Tea Room & Gardens which is open to the public from May to the end of August on Sundays, Wednesdays and Bank holidays. I loved the gothic looking Gryphons and the gravestones making up the foreground. It made me think of all the old horror films I used to watch that scared the life out of me I as a child!

"Seaford Cliffs" :- Seaford sits on the Southerly coast of England between the city of Brighton and the town of Eastbourne. The entire coastline constantly rises and falls as the cliffs and land undulate and roll. It would be far too costly to build fences along the entire length of the cliffs so they have been left open and natural which makes them look wonderful but also makes them deadly if you are not looking where you are going! Wildlife seems to hog the chalk as Gulls soar, swoop, pitch and dive while wild flowers cling along the edge.

All Photography © Justin Hill