Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Standing on the Shoulder of Giants, Bend of the River and Pub Window

"Standing on the Shoulder of Giants" :- Captured at Black Rock on Brighton seafront (UK) one year ago during the Brighton Festival in May 2012. Générik Vapeur's "Waterlitz" container man was in the finishing stages of being constructed for a show that was to be performed that evening. Its 20-metre high body was made from eight huge shipping containers and it's weight totalled 30 tons! I just happened to be out with the camera and caught this shot as one of the crew was "up top" and standing out in the sun on the giants shoulder. I went back later that evening to watch the show ... it was terrible!

"Bend of the River" :- Captured from the old swing bridge at Southease in Sussex, England. This is an image of the River Ouse as it winds down towards the sea at Newhaven. In the distance you can just make out the white chalk face of the cliffs situated in the ancient and historical town of Lewes.

"Pub Window" :- Traditional English Country pubs and Inns seem to be dying out at an alarming rate along with many bars and drinking establishments within the towns and cities. I am forever hearing that another one has 'gone on the market' or is due for demolition and it saddens me greatly. One pub that has managed to keep going is the "Six Bells" in the village of Chiddingly set deep within the Sussex countryside. If you ask anyone to imagine what a traditional English country inn should look and feel like then they'll probably be thinking of something along the lines of the wonderful pub. Great food, lovingly prepared, cooked and served throughout the day. The smell of home cooking infusing every pore of the building with a superb selection of beers, ales and drinks to choose from. Stone floors, wooden panelled walls with brick built bar and rickety wooden bar stools! This place is the real thing!

All Photography © Justin Hill