Saturday, 15 June 2013

Sunset Sheep, Gathering on the Sands and Rampway Enticement

"Sunset Sheep" :- Beacon Hill sits between the ancient villages of Rottingdean and Ovingdean (they are both listed in the Domesday Book which was compiled and written in 1086) on the south coast of England. In 2004 it was created a Local Nature Reserve (LNR) to protect the habitat of the endangered skylarks by supporting a range of plants and butterflies associated with chalk grassland, as well as controlling areas of scrub and investigating archaeological features. From time to time sheep are allowed to graze on the hill and this is a shot I captured during the glow of sundown while they were all busy eating their supper!

"Gathering on the Sands" :- I hadn't been to the town of Worthing (Sussex, England) for quite a few years but found myself there a week or so ago with camera in hand. It just so happened that on the day I chose to visit the town there was an unusually low tide along the south coast and the English Channel appeared to have receded further out than ever before. The pier was left bare for all to see with its spindly legs exposed pretty much all the way to the end and there were vast stretches of flat sand. A few foreign language students had gathered out on the beach and were making the most of it all by ignoring each other in the group and texting friends elsewhere instead (something I'll never understand). I stood for a while out on the sand myself, observing their strange behaviour and excitement to be standing where the sea should be whilst doing very little else. It was at that point that I decided they'd make a great image as the strong light behind them had turned them all into loud and incomprehensible silhouettes.

"Rampway Enticement" :- This is the ramp and 'wheelhouse' of the Brighton Wheel located on the seafront and promenade by the Brighton Pier (England). The black and glowing box to the left of the image is the ticket booth and is in fact identical to the many 'pods' (as they are known) that accommodate the tourists on the wheel itself. By night the wheel is floodlit and the entrance becomes an array of colors to entice passers by into embarking on a round and round and round trip. t had been raining the night I captured this shot so I knew that the colors would 'bounce around' more than usual turning it into a visual treat.

All Photography © Justin Hill