Saturday, 8 June 2013

The Lights Are On, Bottle and Slumber

"The Lights Are On":- The Royal Pavilion in the city of Brighton (England) has been an iconic part of the city since it's construction started 1787 (it was finally completed in 1823). The Pavilion is the former royal residence and seaside retreat for George the Prince of Wales, who was to become the Prince Regent in 1811. The building that you see today is the work of John Nash who redesigned and added sections to the Pavilion between 1815 and 1822. By night the entire Palace is floodlit and illuminated.

"Bottle" :- This is a simple and reasonably striking image that I happened to stumble across as I was leaving the grounds of the Church of St Nicholas (the oldest church in the city) in Brighton, UK. The empty and discarded wine bottle had been placed by someone on the corner of a tomb with the harsh flint walls of the church creating the interesting a busy background. I could see immediately the contrasts between smooth glass and rough jagged flint and knew the image with all ts textures would look great processed as a black and white.

"Slumber" :- The last dying rays of the day are slowly swallowed up by the blue / black blanket of the night. The beach is still and tranquil as the city starts to light up and come alive. The twisted ruins of the old West Pier are camouflaged and almost invisible against the low grey cloud.

All Photography © Justin Hill