Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Thunderous Silence, Iron Walkway and The Big Picture

"Thunderous Silence" :- It's hard to get a sense of scale in this image. I was standing out on the rocks that the English Channel had exposed at low tide in order to get the most of the cliff face in frame. There was a feeling of everything falling towards me as my senses battled with the lack of something to focus on and grasp so I could get a hold on reality. The cliff face is part of the famous "Seven Sisters" located at Cuckmere Haven on the south coast of England between Seaford and Eastbourne.

"Iron Walkway" :- At the very end of Worthing Pier (Sussex, England) there's a lower level iron fishing platform. It runs right around the far extremity of the pier giving access to fishermen and public alike. It's basic and simple but does the job it's designed to do. Walking along it produces clanks and sounds that made me think of various science fiction movies.

"The Big Picture" :- I didn't have far to travel in order to capture this image as it is my living room. The large picture window allows us to watch the wildlife in the front garden and the as well as the changing seasons and weather patterns throughout the year. During the hurricane in 1987 the large glass pane was actually bending in and then bowing out from time to time. We all thought it was going to explode into shards but somehow or other it held up and still to this day lives to tell the tale.

All Photography © Justin Hill