Monday, 17 June 2013

Tranquility, Wilmington Man and Telscombe Tye

"Tranquility" :- The tide was on its way back in when I tentatively negotiated my way out over the slippery rocks. I knew the cliffs at Ovingdean Gap (England) would be reflected in the unusually calm salt water of the English Channel so ventured away from the safety of the beach to obtain the angle I wanted. Somehow I made it to the point I wanted and then (after capturing the shot) made it back again without getting my socks wet or dropping the camera.

"Wilmington Man" :- I thought I'd head out to the village of Wilmington in Sussex (England) again as I had heard that the famous "Wilmington Man" had recently had been cleaned up and given a new paint job. When I arrived he was hard to miss as he stood resplendent and gleaming on the hill side and looking better than he has for many years. The 'man' is a bit of a puzzle. Nobody seems to agree on his age with some saying that it's ancient and others saying that he was a fairly recent (last few 100 years or so) creation. Either way he's a sight to behold and the village itself is full of history, quaint and unchanged even in this modern 21st Century age that we now find ourselves living in.

"Telscombe Tye" :- There's an open patch of common land that sits between Saltdean and Telscombe on the south coast of England. It's known as Telscombe Tye and it's one of the few places where the South Downs National Park boundary reaches the seafront. On an old 1811 map it is written down as "Sheep Down". I had visited a friend who's just moved out to Telscombe and afterwards decided to go for a walk on the "Tye" before getting in the car and driving back. This metal farm machinery is the first thing I saw as I wandered up and away from the coast as I headed towards the village of Telscombe itself. The rusty reds and browns stood out from the lush green grass and the grass and metal were both complemented by the clear blue evening sky.

All Photography Justin Hill