Thursday, 13 June 2013

Victorian Venue, Thirties Staircase and Pewter Sea

"Victorian Venue" :- This is the Madeira Lift and Shelter Hall (both listed buildings) built in 1890. The lift was originally powered by hydraulics and delivered passengers up and down the cliff face between the shelter hall and the main lift iron building high up on Marine Parade, Brighton, England. The shelter hall (which is now The Concorde 2 Live music venue) was constructed to help visitors shelter during "inclement weather". The lift and hall were inaugurated together on 24 May 1890.

"Thirties Staircase" :- Worthing Pier (Sussex, England) was opened on 12 April 1862 and was originally a simple promenade deck 960 ft (291m) long and 15 ft (4.6m) wide. The pier was widened in 1888 and a pavilion was constructed on the end. In 1913 the pier was damaged by a storm and in 1933 a fire destroyed everything apart from the northern pavilion. The pier was rebuilt in 1935 in the Art Deco design style known as "Streamline Moderne" and that is the version of the pier that is still in existence today. This set of stairs on the Western side of the pavilion has a "mirrored" set on the Eastern side and they still have their original Art Deco railings in place.

"Pewter Sea" :- Timing (as always) is everything and on this occasion I got lucky and struck visual gold. It was a grey, cold and damp day in the city as I trudged around with the camera whilst keeping my eyes peeled for anything of interest. The light was beginning to fail as the clouds smothered everything so i decided to head on down to the beach in the hope that the light would be better due to it being more open and free of large buildings making everything darker. The sea was a gunmetal grey and the beach was empty of life apart from the odd squawk of a Gull as it flew past. Then the clouds broke and a shaft of silver light burst through behind the ruins of the West Pier (Brighton, England) handing me a highly photographic scenic gift.

All Photography © Justin Hill