Saturday, 27 July 2013

A Victorian Road, Futuristic and Brighton Beauty

"A Victorian Road" :- This looks like it's part of a movie set or one of those "Streets of old" that you sometimes find in a museum but it's not. This is a night time capture of Queens Road in Brighton (England) which runs from Brighton Station (built in 1840) down to the Jubilee Clock Tower (built in 1888) and it's still a normal, working, fully functional road that's open to traffic, shoppers, day trippers and tourists. The road itself was constructed in 1845 to give better access to the newly built train station. The road had to be widened in 1878 due to it getting busier and filling up with hotels, inns, shops and warehouses. The road passes over the west side of an old burial ground which belonged to the Hanover Chapel and the cemetery's boundary wall and railings to this day remain on the western side of Queen's Road in the form of a raised pavement. The railings on both sides of the road are listed.

"Futuristic" :- This is a shot of the road that runs around the back of the Rendezvous Casino and David Lloyd Leisure state-of-the-art gym at Brighton Marina on the south coast of England. Unlike the 1970's eyesore design of the Marina itself these constructions are 1990 eyesore designs with a few curves in for good measure. They look to me like the sort of thing you'd expect to be housed in if they ever constructed a moonbase or made you live on Mars. They have a classic "this is the future" look about them that's normally way off the mark when you finally get there. Anyway ... on this day the sun was trying its best to turn me to dust and I spotted the shadows, shapes and lighting from a distance and decided to wander around the back and grab a shot up the road as it made for an interesting image.

"Brighton Beauty" :- A classic seaside sunset as seen from Brighton beach on the south coast of England. I let the sun flare a little in the shot as it added to that evening warmth feel. To the left of the image the twisted metal frame of the once majestic West Pier sits in silence whilst trying to remember what it once was. Just below the pier a lone figure stands on the end of the breakwater taking in the dying sun, the lapping water and the view.

All Photography © Justin Hill