Friday, 19 July 2013

Aqua Boats, Level Seven and Argiope Anasuja

"Aqua Boats" :- I stumbled upon these brightly coloured children's boats in Brighton Marina while I was wandering about and warming myself in the sun. They made me smile with their sugary sweet candy tones and hues. They looked as though they'd all try to misbehave the minute I turned my back on them which then led me to think that maybe that was why they were chained together in an attempt to keep them under control!

"Level Seven" :- A very different view and image from Brighton Marina. This was shot on level 7 of the multi storey car park (free parking too) looking West towards the pier (center of shot in distance) and Brighton & Hove (England). I often try to find varied ways of looking at things and this time I found myself climbing up the stairs to the upper levels of the dimply lit, grey concreted, highly unattractive car park to see what sights were on offer. I knew as soon as I processed it that it was going to end up as a monochrome image as I really like the natural "letterbox" framing that the shadows and car park provided for the outside view.

"Argiope Anasuja" :- This type of spider is also known as a "Signature Spider", it's an orb web spider and is found throughout Asia. I spotted this female (the female of A. anasuja always rests at the centre of the web with her head facing downwards) outside the doorway of the house in Omkoi, a Northern region of Thailand. I loved the earthy markings and patterns, they made me think of some of the African and Maori artwork that I have seen in the past. The web that they build have zigzagged web decoration (or stabilimentum) on them. There are various theories as to why they create his patterning but nobody knows for sure.

All Photography © Justin Hill