Saturday, 6 July 2013

Bench in Shade, AD 1890 and End Game

"Bench in Shade" :- I captured this image yesterday as I was wandering around the ancient town of Lewes in Sussex, England. We finally got to see some sun so I took advantage by escaping the confines of my room and airing the camera. The area in the image is stucked up around the back of Lewes Castle and wedged between two roads called Castle Precincts and Castle Banks. From this point you can overlook the area where the "Battle of Lewes" (one of two main battles of the conflict known as the Second Barons' War) took place on 14 May 1264. You can read more about the battle here :-

"AD 1890":- I grew up as a child in and around this area and it still hold many many fond memories for me. Queen's Park in Brighton (England) is now a municipal public park but it started of life originally as something very different in the early 1800's. A gentleman by the name of Thomas Attree had an idea to develop an exclusive estate of villas around the Park so two stone archways were constructed (one at the head of Egremont Place and the other at Park Street). They were built in 1830 around the same time as Attree's villa. When the park was opened to the public in 1890 the arches were rebuilt. You can clearly see the date in relief in the stonework.

"End Game" :- A burning umber sun says it last farewell as it dips down behind the distant horizon of the English Channel. The low tide reveals rocks which inform us that the land once stretched further out before being eroded over time by the elements. The image was captured on 12/12/12 at Rottingdean (England) during a very cold and icy episode in the weather. The lighting in the evening sky indicates the chill and time of year.

All Photography © Justin Hill