Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Country Life, Canoe to Shore and Overlooking the Neighbors

"Country Life" :- This scene was captured a few weeks ago as I was walking across the downs from the town of Lewes to the village of Ovingdean via Kingston village in Sussex, England. All in all the walk took me (approx) two hours but I got to see countryside that I had never laid eyes on before because normally i'd be in the car driving along the busy A27 dual carriageway with the scenic surroundings hidden by the high banks. This view is looking towards the south with Lewes (out of shot) to my left and Kingston (also out of shot) just to my right. If you look carefully you can see the downs rolling off in the distance towards the harbour town of Newhaven.

"Canoe to Shore" :- Idyllic conditions for paddling about in a canoe off shore. Normally you'd be in for a rough ride here as the English Channel is a tormented and angry stretch of water at the best of times and you'd be thrown about a fair bit in a boat let alone a canoe. This Summer's eve was however very different, the sun was bidding farewell for the day and an immense feeling of calm seemed to befall and encompass everything in sight.

"Overlooking the Neighbors" :- Neither a window or doorway but rather a hole in the side of a wall. This is a view from inside a Thai teak wooden stilted house looking out onto other Thai stilt houses nearby in a village within the mountains of Omkoi. Oside the only sounds you hear are the clucking of chickens, the odd dog barking and occasionally a 'clapped out' motorbike riding past. Hot, humid and absolutely wonderful.

All Photography © Justin Hill