Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Driftwood Shrine, River & Barn and Glynde Church East Window

"Driftwood Shrine" :- This was shot a week or so ago on the beach at "Black Rock" near Brighton Marina on the south coast of England. A couple of people had taken up "residence" on the beach for a few months and had created various shrine like structures using driftwood, pebbles and rubbish that had been washed up. Some of the creations were made from the stones from the beach and one of them simply said "Brighton" using different coloured pebbles that they'd found. A few plastic bowls by some hastily drawn signs were strategically placed nearby in the hope that the odd tourist, visitor or beachcomber would drop some money in for their artistic efforts.

"River & Barn" :- A wonderful, rural, scenic image down by the River Ouse in the village of Piddinghoe, Sussex, England. Not far from the 12th Century church of St John the Evangelist there's a small footpath that leads the way down past a couple of cottages and then opens up into a wider footpath by the river. The barn is the first thing you come across and I stopped immediately to capture this image as the shadows, sunlight, river, reflections and countryside in the background were perfect. The image had a very dated feel about it once I'd processed it and I found it reminded me of some of the more "laid back" black and white movies of the 40's and 50's.

"Glynde Church East Window" :- This is an interior shot (obviously) of the magnificent East window that forms part of St Mary's Church in the village of Glynde in Sussex, England. The 18th century church was built in 1763 using knapped (squared) flints and stands on the site of a much earlier church. It's interior is rare as the walls are covered in printed hessian. The inscription on the East window reads ""We pray you remember in the Lord, Henry William Bouverie Brand, twenty-third Baron Dacre, and first Viscount Hampden, to whose honoured memory Elizabeth his wife, and their children surviving dedicate this window. A.D. 1894."

All Photography © Justin Hill