Monday, 8 July 2013

Green Water, Roller and Edge of Darkness

"Green Water" :- The River Ouse (at Newhaven, England) heading towards the English Channel. It's an old harbour and very run down and decaying in places but that creates a different sort of beauty. I love the green hues in this image.

"Roller" :- A lawn roller and metal ladder leaning up against the wall of my house. It's the sort of thing that I walk past daily and for some reason on this particular day I stopped and took a shot of them. Simple but effective.

"Edge of Darkness" :- The pedestrian subway at Ovingdean goes under the main coast road to Brighton( UK). Once nightfall sets in the subway takes on a very moody and malevolent feel and look. The strip lighting adds to the eeriness.

All Photography © Justin Hill