Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Home to Roost, Hideaway and Electric Coastline

"Home to Roost" :- If you ever visit Thailand there are three things that you will find hard to avoid on any given menu and they are Rice, Pork and Chicken. High up in the mountains of Omkoi (Northern Thailand) I was lucky enough to live in a Thai village called Ban Dong. Lizards running in and out of the house, insects, spiders and snakes in the garden, water buffalo down by the lake and of course chickens everywhere you looked. Cockerels crowing day and night, the flapping and fluttering of wings out in the yard and a constant clucking sound drifting in through the window. These chickens resting on the old worn fencing were in the neighbouring yard. When something is hopeless or has very little chance of success out there it's known as "A chickens chance in Thailand".

"Hideaway" :- Captured in small a wooded area just off a car park at the back of Stanmer Park in Brighton, England. The tree was gnarled and twisted with various vines and other things attached to it. It looked full of character and mystery. Some old bits of wooden planking were on the ground by its base suggesting that at one point it had been used as a children's hideout or tree house.

"Electric Coastline" :- A summers evening view of Brighton seafront (England) as seen from it's famous Victorian Pier. Everything fell together for this shot. The sea was calm and still so the reflections were vivid and not broken up. The air was still and warm so visibility was crystal clear and the front itself was a blaze of light as the entertainments, attractions, bars and clubs found themselves heaving with people enjoying the wonderful temperature.

All Photography © Justin Hill