Saturday, 13 July 2013

HomeSense, Mill on the Hill and Silhouetted City

"HomeSense" :- An evening image of Brighton City centre (UK). On the right hand side you can see the famous Victorian Clock Tower which was built in 1888 in commemoration of Queen Victoria's Golden Jubilee. The brightly lit building just off center is "HomeSense", a store which proudly boasts "has everything you need to make your home as unique as you are". On the left is Queen Square and the taxi rank. A lot of patience was required in order to get the shot as the area is constantly busy with traffic and pedestrians. In order to make it slightly easier I chose to to shoot it on a Sunday night when it was slightly less hectic.

"Mill on the Hill":- I came across this windmill a week or so ago as i was walking across the down between the town of Lewes and the village of Kingston in Sussex, England. I didn't even know it existed let alone seen it before! After a little research (the internet is a most wonderful device) I have found the following out on the Sussex Mills Group website : "*Ashcombe Windmill*, a six sweep post mill, was built in 1828 and destroyed during a gale in 1916. Her external appearance is well recorded in photographs and an archaeological dig has exposed three of the four brick foundations. Although it is some 90 years since the mill collapsed a number of broken shutter cranks and other cast iron parts have been found in the surrounding fields. Other work by the same millwright, Medhurst of Lewes, exists at a number of surviving mills in Sussex. The amount of information available on the mill was considered sufficient to allow accurate drawings of the exterior of the mill and the sweeps to be prepared." She is still being rebuilt and the latest update is "that the first pair of sweeps are up" (as you can see in the image).

"Silhouetted City" :- Sundown behind Brighton & Hove on the south coast of England. The evening light turns the English Channel into a turquoise sea of tranquility. The shot was captured from Brighton's famous pier, in the distance you can just see the chimney from the power station at Shoreham. There's even still a few people cooling it off in the water!

All Photography © Justin Hill