Monday, 22 July 2013

Lilac Sea, Wheel in Fog and Switchback

"Lilac Sea" :- This was captured last week (Wednesday 17th July 2013) during a ridiculously calm and balmy evening on the south of England. Everything was still and everything was still radiating heat having been warmed up throughout the day by the sun's rays. As the sun dipped down behind the city of Brighton it turned the sky into a palette of pastel shades that simultaneously changed the look of the English Channel. Peace. Calm . Still. Perfection.

"Wheel in Fog" :- You can tell just how thick this mist was as it rolled in off the sea and invaded the land due to the top of the wheel fading into it. The visibility was very low, things would not appear or come out of the mist until you were virtually on them. Brighton Pier had vanished along with a vast majority of the city itself. Sound had been dampened down and swallowed up so there was little traffic noise, no screeching of low flying gulls and no waves crashing on the beach. It was very surreal.

"Switchback" :- Twists, turns, dips and curves. The Turbo (mini) roller coaster sits on the end of Brighton Pier providing thrills as it tears around its newly painted metal tracks. In early 2013, Turbo was taken down and sent away to be renovated. The pier itself is (approx) 7 metres above the water at high tide and (approx) 13 metres above the water at low tide which looks and feels to be an even bigger and more terrifying drop when you are plummeting from the top of the coaster tracks which are 36 feet above the planking at their highest point. The ride itself lasts for 1 minute and 15 seconds.

All Photography © Justin Hill