Monday, 1 July 2013

Reflected Sunlight, The Grid and Surreal Seaside

"Reflected Sunlight" :- A small harbour on the River Ouse at Piddinghoe (Sussex, England) glistens, twinkles and sparkles in the afternoon sun. The River Ouse meanders and turns through quite a bit of Sussex. It starts near near Lower Beeding and then works its way through Isfield, Barcombe Mills, Hamsey, the famous historical town of Lewes, Glynde, Rodmell, Southease, Piddinghoe (where this shot was captured) and then finally ends up in Newhaven where it flows into the English Channel.

"The Grid" :- I feel the secret to any good photograph is having the ability to see it there before you've even touched your camera. This image was one of those wonderful moments. I'd decided to walk from my village into Brighton (England) along the "undercliff walk" which takes approximately an hour or so. Most of the walk is beach, cliffs and concrete until you get the the edge of the city where you come across the mighty and gargantuan Brighton Marina. You used to be able to stick to the walkway and cut along the side of the marina but recent chalk falls from the cliff face have made that section rather dangerous so it's now closed off and you have to take a detour up onto the Eastern arm and then cut through the marina itself before exiting at the "Black Rock" end and then finally hitting Duke's Mound and then Madeira Drive with it's famous Victorian iron arches. As I got to the marina I turned left up a few steps and onto the protective giant arm and this was the sight that met me. The metal fence that separates the public from the boatyard (on the right of the image) was casting a wonderful set of shadows and lines all the way down the pedestrian channel. I saw it in an instant and was setting up the shot before I even knew what I was doing. nstinct is a wonderful thing.

"Surreal Seaside" :- Just to prove that Brighton (UK) is not always bathed in glorious sunshine here's a shot of the end section of it's famous pier during a heavy and thick sea mist / fog that rolled in across the English Channel. The seaside resort disappeared into the grey veil that descended upon it and remained partially hidden for the entire day. The fog didn't just impair vision, it managed to suckout and deaden all sound as well as subdue the waves which created an unearthly stillness and calm which in turn created a feeling of unease.

All Photography © Justin Hill