Monday, 29 July 2013

Sea of Light, Doors and Arches and Subterranea

"Sea of Light" :- It's extremely rare that you'll see the illuminations and lighting on Brighton Pier reflecting in the sea like this. Normally the English Channel is a turbulent mass of thrashing 'white horses' and gunmetal grey water that sucks all colour out of everything and reflects very little if anything at all. I had driven part way, parked at the Marina and had decided to walk the 3.8 km (or 2.375 miles) along the seafront to the Pier. I was overjoyed to discover that the atmospherics were perfect and that the sea was calm, shimmering and bathing in the multi coloured lights of the 524 metre (1,719 ft) long famous pier.

"Doors and Arches" :- These old doorways look foreboding and quite sinister at night but during the day they are a blaze of colour and very inviting as many of them are actually art galleries and stores located along Brighton seafront. The area is very famous and is known as the Kings Road Arches. They were built during the reign of Queen Victoria and are a remnant from the Victorian fishing days of old.

"Subterranea" :- Here's a shot looking down Trafalgar Street in Brighton with Brighton Station sitting above in Queens Road. The area has changed alot since the 1800's. On the right hand side of this image there was once a huge hotel in line with the wall, it was knocked down and demolished in order to widen up and open out the road in front of the station. In 1845 Queen's Road was built to improve access to the station and bridge was built across the entrance to Trafalgar Street, widened in 1863 and 1875. The cast iron bridge was added later.

All Photography © Justin Hill