Friday, 5 July 2013

Six Bells, Pillars of Stone and Peace on Earth

"Six Bells" :- Within the heart of Sussex (England) you'll find a village called Chiddingly. It's an old and ancient village dating back many centuries and is mentioned in the Domesday book of 1086. The village is now well known because of its pub. The Six Bells is exactly what you think of and imagine when you hear mention of an old English inn. It has a brickwork interior, real open fires, a huge selection of ales and beers and the most wonderful food and menu you could wish for. The "six bells" that the pub is named after are actually in the church tower that's just a few minutes walk away. I have no idea how long the building has been an inn but I do know that it was already a bar back in 1851 as an "Innkeeper" is listed in records as running the place back then.

"Pillars of Stone" :- This is the grand interior of St. Peter's Church in York Place, Brighton, England. The church is in an odd position as it is situated near the centre of the town, on an island between two major roads. It was designed by Sir Charles Barry and was built between 1824 and 1828. According to many it is the finest example of the pre-Victorian Gothic Revival style and is sometimes referred to as "Brighton's cathedral". Like a lot of other buildings within the city St Peter's is a Grade II listed building.

"Peace on Earth" :- One of my favourite places to go in order to escape the busy city and crowds is the beach at Ovingdean Gap, East of Brighton on the south coast of England. It's just a five minute drive (or 25 minute walk) from where I live so I do tend to find myself going down there quite a lot. The entire coastline and scenery changes on a daily basis due to the time of year, weather conditions and lighting so i find there's always something to look at and capture with the camera. On this occasion the sunset was catching some clouds and silhouetting others creating a most beautiful and peaceful scene.

All Photography © Justin Hill