Sunday, 21 July 2013

St Andrew's, On the Turn and A Burger and a Pint

"St Andrew's" :- This is the entrance to the now redundant Church of St Andrew's in Waterloo Street, Hove, England. It is now used as a venue for musical concerts and other events. The church itself is nearly 200 years old (it's opening service was on 5th July 1828) and it was written down that on one particular Sunday _‘the congregation included no less than three Dukes and three Duchesses’_. Queen Victoria’s aunt, the Duchess of Gloucester, together with their daughter Princess Mary of Cambridge. Quite a congregation!

"On the Turn" :- A mean and moody looking Brighton Pier (England) sits patiently under an equally mean and moody looking sky. The pier was thrown into silhouette as the sea turned from a gun metal grey to a mercury silver due to the light splitting through the cloud. The pier looked lonely as it stood on the empty beach.

"A Burger and a Pint" :-This is Alexander Terrace in coastal town of Worthing, England. I'd spent the afternoon on the pier and beach taking photographs whilst revelling in the heat of the sun and was on my way back to the car when I spotted the shadow play on the pavement and walls. As I was setting the shot up I then noticed the burger box and pint glass (lower right by the window) and was thinking of removing them but then thought they made the shot so I decided to leave them there.

All Photography © Justin Hill