Monday, 15 July 2013

Sunlit Cowshed, Disappearing Pier and Glowing Bar

"Sunlit Cowshed" :- Captured as I was walking over the bridleway and footpath into Brighton from Ovingdean village (England). The footpath starts off in the village by passing a farm before opening up and widening out into rolling fields and hills. I noticed the light flooding in through the skylights of the cow shed and liked the warm rural feel of it so I placed the camera right up to the metal gate that was in place to prevent anyone from entering and took the shot through the bars!

"Disappearing Pier" :- Brighton's famous Victorian Pier on the south coast of England is one of the main tourist attractions of the historical coastal city. Over the last couple of weeks it's been bathed in glorious sunshine and packed with day trippers and holiday makers on a daily basis but there are times when it takes on a completely different look and feel. This image was captured on the 20th June 2013 as a thick and heavy sea mist rolled in from the English Channel and engulfed and devoured the city and all its coastal attractions. There was an eerie silence as all sound was swallowed up, gulls stopped flying and the waves stopped lapping. It was like being on another planet!

"Glowing Bar" :- This is the interior and bar of The Font (formerly known as The Font & Firkin). The building itself has an interesting history as it was once a 17th century Nonconformist and Union Chapel. On it's outside wall there is still a memorial tablet dedicated to the memory of a preacher named Henry Varley. I happened to glance in as I walked past and realised the bar was devoid of customers but fully illuminated and sparkling away so I popped in and asked the bar staff if it was ok to grab a shot or two of the bar all lit up. They very kindly said "Feel free" and this was one of the resulting shots. The pub and bar is located in Union Street in Brighton's famous South Lanes (England).

All Photography © Justin Hill