Thursday, 4 July 2013

Telscombe Beach Steps, The Fog and Art Deco Clock

"Telscombe Beach Steps" :- I'd not been down on the beach at Telscombe before. It's wedged between the town of Newhaven and the city of Brighton on the south coast of England From my point of view Telscombe is usually fleetingly glimpsed through the window of the car as i drive through and up until recently I had very little reason to stop & visit there. The beach is remote and is only accessible via this flight of steps that have been carved and built into the cliff face. It has a very dated feel about it and apart for a couple of fishermen was devoid of beachgoers. It's a mass of concrete and natural formations and it made me wonder why anyone would want to relax on that stretch of the beach when there are more picturesque and open beaches nearby.

"The Fog " :- The famous ruins of Brighton's West Pier loom out from a very heavy sea mist creating an eerie and somewhat supernatural scene from the beach. The visibility was next to nothing as things were only appearing and becoming visible when you were virtually upon them. The sound was flat and dead. The gulls were all bobbing on the sea as they'd given up all hope of flying about in the fog. The entire city had an odd calmness about it.

"Art Deco Clock" :- Worthing Pier (Sussex, England) was opened on 12 April 1862 and was originally a simple promenade deck 960 ft (291m) long and 15 ft (4.6m) wide. The pier was widened in 1888 and a pavilion was constructed on the end. In 1913 the pier was damaged by a storm and in 1933 a fire destroyed everything apart from the northern pavilion. The pier was rebuilt in 1935 in the Art Deco design style known as "Streamline Moderne" and that is the version of the pier that is still in existence today. In this image you can clearly see the wonderful Art Deco clock that still keeps accurate time on the pier. It's a real view into the past. Oscar Wilde thought Worthing a charming town when he visited in the Summer of 1894.

All Photography © Justin Hill