Saturday, 20 July 2013

The Blue Man, Mystified and Ancient and Red Eye

"The Blue Man" :- This small little cafe and restaurant is situated near the bottom of Queen's Road, Brighton, England. It's a cafe bar with a North African flavour serving tapas, meals, homemade cake and a selection of beers and wine. It was the first North African restaurant in Brighton and opened over a decade ago.

"Mystified and Ancient" :- This mighty and very old Yew tree can be found in the churchyard St Mary and St Peter’s Church in the village of Wilmington in Sussex, England. The churchyard has been in continual use certainly since Norman and possibly also since Saxon times and most of its tombstones are of native stone. The yew tree in the churchyard is widely believed to be one of the oldest yew trees in Sussex and is older than the church itself, since it has recently been dated to be somewhere around 1600 years old. |ts girth at the base is a staggering 23 feet. Nobody knows why yew trees are found in nearly every old churchyard in England. One theory comes from an account written by a medieval author who stated that the yew is grown in churchyards: “as an emblem of Resurrection, from its perpetual verdure”. It was also customary during Tudor times to tie sprigs of yew to coffins.

"Red Eye" :- Captured back in December 2012 on the beach at Ovingdean Gap on the south coast of England. Heavy brooding storm clouds had moved in from the sea and were seemingly trapping the sun on the horizon thus creating the effect of a huge giant eye peering back at the coastline.

All Photography © Justin Hill