Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Tree Bowl, Square Car Park and Idyllic Day

"Tree Bowl" :- This is part of the rural beauty that can be found in the village of Wilmington in Sussex, England. I'd walked from the car park for about 20 minutes before reaching the subject that I was intending to photograph which was "The Long Man of Wilmington", a large chalk figure carved into the hillside. When I got there I took several shots of the ancient figure and then had a look around at the surrounding countryside which was when I saw this beautiful scene.

"Square Car Park" :- This is a shot of Churchill Square Shopping Center Car Park as seen from the back on Russell Road which runs between West Street and Cannon Place in Brighton, England. It's the sort of thing that nobody looks at twice due to it's ugly, harsh and somewhat brutal design. I happened to be scouting out a few of the roads that I don't normally walk along when I noticed the shapes and repetitive nature of it all. The afternoon sun was also adding to the feel and look of it. As I was capturing the shot I knew I was going to end up processing it as a black and white image as it already seemed to have that quality about it. It's a drab and unpleasant structure but serves its purpose so therefore does not need any aesthetic qualities.

"Idyllic Day" :- The English Channel as seen from the terrace (built in 1890) that runs along the length of Madeira Drive on Brighton's seafront on the south coast of England. Below is the lower road of Madeira Drive itself and above is the main coast road of Marine Parade. It must have been a wonderful sight just after it was constructed with Victorian Gentlemen and Ladies taking in the sea air as they strolled along the terrace. I have seen a few photographs showing them all walking along here and it's a shame that it now seems to be ignored. Only a few walk along it now as many favour the lower level that runs along the beach itself. Once again timing was everything for this shot as it was sunny and very busy.

All Photography © Justin Hill