Saturday, 24 August 2013

And So It Ends, Way To Go! and Night Turbo

"And So It Ends" :- Perfection. A low tide, a dying sun and some heavy clouds all combined to create this incredible scene for me to capture. This beach at Ovingdean Gap (on the south coast of England) is just a five minute drive from where I live, it's one of my favourite haunts and is very peaceful if you catch it at the right time. France is out there somewhere over the horizon, if I could jump across in a straight line I would land around Le Havre.

"Way To Go!" :- A rough country lane and bridleway leads up towards a steep hill. This was captured as I was walking from the town of Lewes to the village of Ovingdean in Sussex, England. The path is just to the west of Kingston village and it rises very steeply before levelling out for a few miles and eventually bringing you to Woodingdean. I think the entire walk took me two hours or so (maybe more) but I wasn't really concentrating on the time. I was more interested in the scenery, view and trying not to run out of breath as the hill was incredibly steep.

"Night Turbo" :- Not an easy shot to capture as it was a very humid, warm and busy night therefore people were everywhere and it was very busy. I set up the tripod and once again commenced my usual lesson in patience. I wanted to try and capture the foreground without anyone in it as I loved the warm tones of the planking and the way the lines led you up towards the Turbo ride itself. Loved the contrast in colours and light too. This is a shot of the Turbo coaster ride on the end of Brighton Pier on the south coast of England.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill