Sunday, 11 August 2013

As Far as You Can, Four Figure Doorway and Wilmington Fields

"As Far as You Can" :- I have been to Eastbourne on the southern coast of England many, many times over the years. In the mid 80's I studied art at Eastbourne College of Arts and Technology, knew the town very well and got to know it's bars and pubs even better! A few weeks ago (19 July 2013) I found myself back in the town once again and decided to take a walk along the seafront and beach. I had never walked to the far end before so thought I'd take it on and set of at a pace to see how far I could get. Beachy Head is the highest chalk sea cliff in Britain, rising to 162 metres (531 ft) above sea level at it sits at the South Westerly end of Eastbourne, you can just see it in the distance in this shot but my journey came to a halt here as it was dangerous to get any further as the beach ran out and turned into lapping waves and falling clumps of chalk.

"Four Figure Doorway" :- This is the Friary Church of St Francis and St Anthony in the town of Crawley in West Sussex, England. The church is Roman Catholic and the building itself is listed at Grade II for its architectural and historical importance. These four stone figures stand at the entrance guarding the route in and are (left to right) :-

Saint Veronica Giuliani (December 27, 1660 – July 9, 1727) was an Italian Capuchin nun and mystic. After Veronica's death a figure of the Cross was supposedly found impressed upon her heart, and her body has been noted as being incorrupt.She was beatified by Pope Pius VII on June 17, 1804, and was canonized by Pope Gregory XVI on May 26, 1839. She is usually represented in art crowned with thorns and embracing the Cross.

Saint Lawrence of Brindisi (July 22, 1559 – July 22, 1619) was a Catholic priest and a member of the Order of Friars Minor Capuchin. He was beatified in 1783 by Pope Pius VI, canonized in 1881 by Pope Leo XIII, and declared a doctor of the Church by Pope John XXIII in 1959. His feast day is July 21, in both the ordinary and extraordinary forms.

Saint Conrad of Parzham (1818-94) was a German Franciscan lay brother. He served for over 40 years in the post of porter of the Capuchin friary in Altötting, through which work he gained a widespread reputation for his wisdom and holiness. During his lifetime, Brother Conrad was reputed to have been able to read the hearts of those he met, and was attributed the gift of prophecy. His heroic virtues and the miracles he performed won for him the distinction to be ranked among the Blessed by Pope Pius XI in 1930. Four years later, the same pope, approving additional miracles which had been performed, solemnly inscribed his name in the list of saints.

Elizabeth of Hungary ( 7 July 1207 – 17 November 1231) was a princess of the Kingdom of Hungary, Countess of Thuringia, Germany and a greatly venerated Catholic saint. Elizabeth was married at the age of 14, and widowed at 20. After her husband's death she sent her children away and regained her dowry, using the money to build a hospital where she herself served the sick.

"Wilmington Fields" :- I captured this as I was walking along a public bridleway (between fields) on my way to see the Long Man of Wilmington (a hill chalk figure located in Wilmington, East Sussex, England ). I loved the gentle curves and undulations, the clump of trees to the right and the wispy clouds. The lush green crop in the foreground helps give the image some depth and pulls you in.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill