Monday, 12 August 2013

Ascend to West Street, Marina Inn and Misty Beach

"Ascend to West Street" :- I love capturing the mood and light in subways and underpasses. The places fascinate me as they offer a paradoxical version of safety. There are many in the seaside resort of Brighton on the south coast of England. Each one provides a safe pedestrian route under the busy coastal Kings Road that runs along the seafront and in turn each one provides a dark alternative that leads you towards the subterranean dangers of yobs, muggers, drunks and cyclists. It's a completely different world that I often find myself exploring to see if there's an image there for me to capture. This subway is located at the bottom of West Street and provides passage to the lower promenade and beach.

"Marina Inn" :- This used to be sea, rolling waves, rock pools and beach. If you look in the background you'll see very clearly the white chalk face of the cliffs above which the A259 known as Marine Drive provides a route in and out of Brighton. Many years ago (in the 70's) they started to build a Marina, land was "reclaimed" (a phrase I have always hated) and slowly the mighty safe haven for boats took shape, rising out of the sea with it's giant concrete arms protecting all within. This is a capture of the "Master Mariner" Inn and Restaurant situated within the non tidal section of the marina.

"Misty Beach" :- Not your usual run of the mill day on the beach at Brighton (England). A few brave souls still felt it was worth lounging by the sea despite having next to nothing to look at due to the heavy sea mist that had rolled in from nowhere. The famous Victorian pier is actually 524 metres (1,719 ft) in length but looked more like 4 or 5 metres on this day as it thundered of into the unknown and disappeared completely. It must have been an even stranger view from the end of the pier as looking back the entire seafront and Brighton itself would not have been visible.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill