Friday, 16 August 2013

Bright On Pier, Tower Steps and Once Upon a Line

"Bright On Pier" :- One of the attractions in the "Kids Fun Area" lights up a corner on Brighton's famous Victorian pier on the south coast of England. The boards glow with orange light from other stalls and kiosks as the tourists and day trippers head to the far end for food, drinks and thrills.

"Tower Steps" :- A moody capture of the steps and door that lead to the bell tower in the church of St John the Baptist in Clayton, Sussex, England. Most of the construction of the church is 11th-century and little has been altered since then therefore English Heritage has listed the church at Grade I for its architectural and historical importance.. The church is also famous for its "remarkable" and extensive set of wall paintings, dating from the early 12th century. The hamlet of Clayton is listed in the Domesday Book of 1086.

"Once Upon a Line" :- Not far from the small hamlet of Clayton and its 11th Century church there's a railway line and a very famous tunnel. The train tracks are part of Brighton Main Line that connect London to Brighton and this section is between the stations of Hassocks and Preston Park. At one point the tracks have to run underneath some of the Sussex countryside and that's where the journey thunders through Clayton tunnel. The tunnel is 2065 metres (1 mile 499 yards) in length making it the longest tunnel on the route. At the northern end of the tunnel (in this image) there's a turreted and castellated portal with a privately owned cottage perched right over the line. Anyone looking at this Castle gateway into darkness will find themselves instantly thinking of Harry Potter or the books of C.S.Lewis as the tunnel entrance does lead you into thinking that it's the start of an adventure and that there's a land of fantasy at the other end. On a far darker note on 25th August 1861 there was a train crash involving two trains within the tunnel which caused the worst ever accident on that line resulting in the loss of 23 lives and injuring a further 176.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill