Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Crumbling Stupa, Personal Space and Terrace View

"Crumbling Stupa" :- The City of Chiang Mai in the North of Thailand is huge and sprawling as it's outgrown its original boundaries and reached out in all directions as it's population grew along with its popularity. Originally the city was (approx) one mile square in area with a moat surrounding it and high walls protecting it. The moat is still there to this day and some parts of the wall remain too with the original old and ancient city still on it's little square mile island. This means that within the original city there are many historical features and remains. The area is littered with temples that date back thousands of years (11th century structures etc). This image was captured in the grounds of Wat Umong Mahathen Chan on Ratpakinai Road in the old moated part of Chiang Mai. The temple was built in 1375 on the site of an older temple that had fallen into disrepair. The chedi or stupa that you see in this image was built around the same time.

"Personal Space" :- Shot back in March 2013 during a cold snap, patches of snow are still visible on the ground. This image was captured in Stanmer Park a large open park to the north-east of the city of Brighton in the county of East Sussex, England, UK. Majestic trees and large open spaces make the park a wonderful place to spend an afternoon and take a walk along its many trails. Stanmer Park is ancient and is the largest open park within the Brighton area. Stanmer Manor House (within the park) was built in 1722 around an even earlier one! Stanmer gets its name from "Stony Mere" which refers to the stones around the village pond.

"Terrace View" :- I'm normally standing down where the Victorian street lamp is and pointing my camera up towards the terrace which was built in 1890 on Brighton seafront (UK). This time I am standing on the Victorian terrace and pointing the camera down towards the promenade, beach and English Channel. I hope you appreciate just how long it took the get a clear shot without roller skaters, dog walkers, teenagers, cyclists or a coach load of pensioners walking along the promenade ... especially during a heatwave!

aLL Photography Copyright © Justin Hill