Sunday, 25 August 2013

Doors of St John, Point Break and Coast Road

"Doors of St John" :- These are the main doors of the Anglican church of St John the Baptist's in Crawley, West Sussex, England. It is the oldest building in the town centre and dates from the 13th century (having said that only the south wall of the nave is from the original ancient building). Within the church itself there is a marble font which is the oldest internal fixture as that dates from the 13th century. The church (like many others) has become an amalgamation of 13th, 15th, 17th, 18th and 19th Century alterations and constructions.

"Point Break" :- This is a beach level capture of the cliffs and erosion at Seaford Head on the south coast of England. The ancient cliffs rise up at this point and thunder of east before dramatically dipping down and disappearing at the Cuckmere estuary. Seaford and its cliffs are situated (approximately) halfway between Brighton and Eastbourne. The chalk itself dates from the Late Cretaceous period which makes it 86 to 89 million years old!

"Coast Road" :- The A259 is also known as Marine Drive and is the main coastal route towards Brighton, England. In places it offers huge cliff top views of the English Channel as it dips up and down and winds around the rolling terrain. This image was captured at Saltdean and is slightly misleading as the road is never this quiet. It's a constant flow day and night of cars, trucks, lorries, motorbikes and busses. The illusion of peace in this image was achieved by patience on my part and timing my shot between the flow of traffic.

aLL Photography Copyright © Justin Hill