Monday, 26 August 2013

Grey Blanket, Do I Make Myself Clear and Fishing Platform

"Grey Blanket" :- A couple of lone figures on a misty Brighton (UK) beach hurl stones and pebbles into the unknown. Meanwhile the iconic and famous Victorian Pier is shrouded in mystery as two thirds of it is hidden from view due to the density of the fog that's come in off the sea.

"Do I Make Myself Clear" :- The beach at Ovingdean Gap during low tide reveals some interesting glimpses into the past. An old worn and weathered stump of wood juts up out of the rock and reflects in the salt water pool that the tide has left behind. The stump is actually the remains of one of the posts that carried the electric cable and power supply for the "Pioneer", a unique coastline railway in Brighton, England that ran through the shallow waters of the English Channel between 1896 and 1901. A lot of the concrete sleepers that supported the rails can still be viewed at low tide to this day.

"Fishing Platform" :- On the very end of Worthing Pier (south coast of England) there's a metallic platform that runs right around at a lower level. Old wooden steps lead down to it and the entire thing clanks and rings with every step you take. The metal has a rustic red look to it and the wooden trusses that support t look as though they've been in place for years (they probably have).

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill