Friday, 9 August 2013

Helter Skelter & Carousel, Bags of Books and Hanging Orchids

"Helter Skelter & Carousel" :- I had to wait for what seemed like an eternity for the right moment to capture this image. A still and calm summer evening on the end of Brighton's famous Victorian pier (on the South coast of England) can only mean one thing ... crowds of people. Holidaymakers, day trippers, tourists and locals en masse, everywhere you look. Patience prevailed as I crouched by the tripod waiting for a gap in the crowds and for the rides to fall motionless and silent. I have to admit I am overjoyed with the end result. Here's a little history for you regarding the rides in the image. This particular "Helter Skelter" is from the 1920's (apparently from Wales) and has been on Brighton Pier since 1977 replacing the original which was destroyed in 1972. On a clear day you can see the Isle of White from the top of the Helter Skelter. The Carousel has 45 individually named horses and the three cockerels on it , all painted in the traditional way by hand . The carousel dates from the late 1800's and has rubbed shoulders with many great movie & TV stars as it has featured in many movies, commercials, television shows and photo shoots.

"Bags of Books" :- An old and quaint bookshop sits on the corner of South Street and Chapel Hill in the ancient and historical town of Lewes in Sussex, England. The shop is an independent children's bookshop and the building’s origins are mediaeval with a curved main room and windows with oak pillars.

"Hanging Orchids" :- These beautiful yellow orchids were rooted on a bit of wood and hanging from the porch of our house high up in the mountains of Omkoi in northern Thailand. We had a lot of hanging orchids and plants all over the garden and front yard. I used to sit outside in the heat of the Thai sunshine wishing for a gentle breeze to blow through. Children would ride past on their bicycles laughing and shouting. Neighbors would ride past on motorbikes carrying bales to fields or with their fishing rods over their shoulders on the way to the lake. Chickens would cluck in and out while the dog raised a weary apathetic eye. Lizards would appear and disappear in a flash whilst butterflies and other exotic creatures would fly in or pay us a visit. Sometimes we'd get a few things that weren't good to have nearby ... giant spiders, scorpions and on the odd occasion snakes would also invade our property and it would be up to me to clear them out. I never harmed them, I loved them all too much to harm them but I would make sure they were gone armed only with a big long stick whilst wearing shorts and flip flops. It was an exciting and beautiful time and I miss it so very much.

Photography Copyright © Justin Hill