Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Old Songthaew, View from the Pier and Chlorophyll Shades

"Old Songthaew" :- A Songthaew (Thai สองแถว) is a passenger vehicle in Thailand adapted from a pick-up truck and used as a shared taxi. It's named ("Songthaew" literally means"two rows") after the two bench seats fixed along either side of the back of the truck. I stumbled upon this old, worn out, dilapidated and discarded Songthaew along Prapokklao Lane (Soi) 4 within the old part of the City of Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand. If you know where to look on the street view of Google maps you can spot it as it's still there. See if you can find it ... the city is Chiang Mai, Thailand and the lane is Prapokklao Lane 4. Happy hunting.

"View from the Pier" :- A hot and sunny day on Brighton Pier looking out over the beach to the East. The Brighton Wheel dominates the seafront and skyline as tourists line up for a spin which enables views high above the promenade. The whitewashed architecture of the Georgian, Regency and Victorian periods is hard to miss as it positively glows in the sunlight along the length of Marine Parade towards the Kemptown area of the city.

"Chlorophyll Shades" :- This beautiful emerald green scene caught my eye as I was walking back to the car in the wonderful village of Glynde in Sussex, England. The sunlight streaming through the leaves created an almost mythical look and feel with the foreground in darkness and the glowing greenery lighting up the background. It was one of those shots that I thought I'd take anyway but didn't think a lot about at the time. As soon as I started to process it I realised just how stunning it looked.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill